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Polyurethane Foam Products

Premium and Incentive Puppets and ToysHousehold SpongesWax Pads
We take your ideas and make them reality with any possible configuration you can dream up using foam!

We offer everything from specialty advertising products to kitchen scrubbers and even seat cushions. If it is made of foam, we have it. We have a wide variety of in-stock items and also specialize in custom orders. Whether it is a custom hand mitt or custom packaging, we do it. View our Novelty Foam Products at

Wax Applicators
Brooklyn Products has been an industry leader in wax applicator sponges since their inception.
We are known for our innovative solutions for the application of wax to automotive and marine finishes. We can supply the basic round sponge with or without a thermal logo, or construct a special order shape and size. We can also create a one or two surface, textile fabric applicator and include chemical components for automatic applications.

Wax applicators can be ordered in case quantities by email or phone. Orders will be processed within 24 hours and can ship the same day in most cases. To place an order, contact Bob Reed at or (517) 592-2185 Ext 118.
 · Stock Yellow Applicators are available 75 pcs. or 1200 pcs. per Carton
 · Stock Blue Terry Applicators are available 1000 pcs. per Carton

Wax Applicators

Gaskets, Seals, Seat Cushioning, Baby Car Seats, and more!
We can grind, shape or form any foam product you may need.

Foam Protection

Non-Slip Disposable Foam Slippers, Foam Scalpel Shields, Autoclave Sterilizers, Orthotic Padding for Boots and Braces, Surgery Tray Pads, Patient Positioning Pads, Gastro Procedure Applicators, Patient Storage Systems (for Phones / Eyeglasses)


Reticulated and Non-Reticulated Foam Filter Sleeves for Vacuum Systems
We offer a wide selection of open cell products from 10 PPI (pores per inch) to 100 PPI. We can also die cut and heat seal to your exact size.

Filtration Products

Leading Supplier of Soft Trim Components for Automotive, Heavy Truck and Specialty Vehicle Markets
We can mold, die cut, print, sew or produce thermoformed simulated stitching.


Industry Leader in Producing Foam Novelty and Promotional Products
We can die-cut, thermal seal, emboss or de-boss and silkscreen any design or logo that you may have. Our product list goes from foam balls to sponges, stadium items, foam hands, can coolers, hats and visors. If you can envision it, we can make it.

Thermal Seal Products

We can produce your foam product and do the final packaging for retail distribution.


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