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About Us

Brooklyn Products embraces a team approach and recognizes its responsibilities to team members, the industry we serve and our world. This attitude has helped us enjoy a stable, healthy relationship with our employees and our community. The partnership approach helps assure our customers of dependable quality and on-time deliveries. View our policy statement

Meet Our Staff

Brooklyn Products

Bob Linenfelser Bob Linenfelser

Hometown: Brooklyn, Michigan.  Lived in Brooklyn all my life.
Professional: Worked at BPI all my life.
Hobbies: Hunting, fishing, golfing and just being outside!
Life's Mission: I enjoy helping and making a difference in people's lives.

Phone: (517) 592-2185 ext. 102

Lisa Bascom Lisa Bascom

Hometown: Brooklyn, Michigan
Education: Western Michigan University Graduate
Working in manufacturing since 1997 and before this worked for 5 years in the Juvenile Justice System; skilled in Human Resources, Safety, Quality, Sales and Customer Service.
Favorite Quote: "If I don’t take care of my customer, someone else will." I never want that to happen, I love what I do!
Interests: Singing, Nascar

Phone: (517) 592-2185 ext. 122
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Cindy Lewandowski Cindy Lewandowski

Hometown: Brooklyn, Michigan
Personal Info: Three amazing kids! Sara, Jacob and Meagan.
Career: Retail / BPII / Amerifoam the House of Foam since 1997.
Favorite Quote: This quote is from an amazing class I was able to experience – "Never again will I let fear keep me from standing up, speaking out and making my idea’s heard."

Hobbies: Outside gardening and flowers.
Professional Goal: PURE PRIDE to do THE RIGHT THING!

Phone: (517) 592-2185 ext. 133

Bob Reed Bob Reed

Hometown: Brooklyn, Michigan
Career: 18 years experience in machine tool business working in purchasing, inventory control and supervising shipping and receiving. 5 years in transportation industry.
Interesting Fact: Licensed minister with a passion for the mission field.

Phone: (517) 592-2185 ext. 118

Brooklyn Products

Innovation is an old idea at Brooklyn Products. In 1951, founder Carl Linenfelser had an idea for a new product. Carl thought why not infuse heavy-duty cleaning solution into ordinary household sponges? It was a concept that would make the most common household chores faster and easier. Though others had tried before, Linenfelser experimented with many different raw materials and processes. Eventually, with the help of the family oven, he created Chem-O-Cel, a pre-soaped sponge that would soon be widely found in kitchens of today.

Brooklyn Products International

Our Policy Statement

Brooklyn Products International, Inc. is a custom manufacturer using its thermal sealing and die cutting capabilities of polyurethane products for industrial, medical, automotive, wax pad, and specialty advertising markets. We deliver high quality products and service at a competitive cost to national and international customer base.

Brooklyn Products International Inc. is committed to "do the right thing" for our:

Quality products and innovative solutions delivered on-time at a competitive price.

Opportunity for personal growth and reward, and a safe, stable, team-oriented work environment.

Long term relationships building upon support, integrity, and a sharing of ideas for mutual success.

Safeguarding and increased value of corporate assets and resources.

An involved neighbor who actively supports environmental, educational, and charitable programs.

Quality Policy
· Brooklyn Products International, Inc. will "DO THE RIGHT THING" for our customers and employees.
· We are committed to continuously improving our products and processes to better satisfy the needs of our customers.
· Quality and productivity are inseparably tied.
· Quality must continually be a part of every function in every department.

Brooklyn Products International, Inc.
171 Wamplers Lake Rd., Brooklyn, MI 49230-9585
Phone: (517) 592-2185 · Fax: (517) 592-3759
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